January 28th, 2012
Oak Street Beach - Chicago, Illinois
Plunge at Noon (Arrive by 11:00am)
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The very next day Bill & Allison returned to the hospital to welcome a new addition to the family -
Liam.  Unknown prior to birth, Liam was born with an underdeveloped ear and mandible.  
Knowing Bella's condition, the family asked the doctors to do an MRI on Liam.  In May '10
doctors found a tumor on Liam's brain stem.  In December '10 Liam had brain surgery to remove
the tumor; unfortunately, it was too close to the brain stem to remove all of it.  
Liam is currently in physical therapy, but there will be lasting effects from the brain surgery and
most likely he will require future surgeries to remove segments of the tumor.  Bella remains
confined to a wheel chair unable to speak.  She continues to make small strides, such as
communicating with her left hand, but she requires constant medical treatment and daily
physical therapy.  For more information of the Brya family, please check out the website  This is our opportunity to support Allison & Bill Brya and help them provide
Bella and Liam with the necessary medical treatment in hopes of full recoveries.
Liam & Bella Brya
On Sept. 7th, 2008 Bella Brya, age 2,
suffered an AVM rupture in her brain that
caused a severe hemorrhagic stroke.  She
was near death with a possibility of
extensive, permanent brain damage.  After
emergency surgery she remained in a
coma for 2 months.  Following the coma
she went through an another brain surgery
to remove the AVM.  On November 19th,
2008 Bella was released from the hospital
and went home to begin the long road of
Katie Kline
Katie was diagnosed with neuroblastoma
cancer in May of 2008, just shy of her 4th
birthday.  Doctors informed her mother,
Terry Hall, that they would try to make
Katie as comfortable as possible, but that
she would probably only live for another
6-9 months.  Terry decided that the
prognosis was unacceptable and started
researching childhood cancer programs.  
Sloan Kettering Hospital in NYC has one of
the best childhood cancer programs in the
country and Katie was accepted into a trial
program.  Katie and Terry have been
traveling to NYC for treatments for the
past 3 YEARS; unfortunately, this program
requires that Terry and Katie be in NY for
approximately 1 week every 4-6 weeks.  This journey has taken every resource that Terry has.  
In the meantime, Katie has had 2 relapses in the past 3 years, but as of August her scans were
clear.  She recently started 1st grade and has been placed in the "high ability" class.  Katie also
has 2 brothers:  Eli and Aidin, ages 15 & 11.  Unfortunately the situation has put an enormous
strain on their family and the three children spend too much time dealing with adult
circumstances and not enough time just being kids.  Despite everything she has been through,
Katie continues to fight and put smiles on the faces of family and friends.  This is our opportunity
to lend a hand to Terry, Katie, Eli and Aidin and help carry some of the burden they have been
dealing with during this extremely difficult situation.
Bill, Bella, Liam & Allison Brya
Katie Kline